Sunday, November 07, 2010

The theme was to make your costume; tin foil and paper, other common kitchen items.

I went to my first costume party last night. I don't really think hanging out and trick or treating while dressed as a Slutty Fairy counts. James and Josh were dressed as hos. That was hot stuff, let me tell you.

So, let's say that it was my first costume party as an adult. It's wholly possible that I attended costume parties as a child and I simply do not remember.

I went as a school girl from Battle Royale. I already had the basics of a school girl outfit (and my fellow party goers wouldn't know that the girls actually had on khaki skirts instead of my red and black plaid skirt). I used foil and cardboard to make the collar. Duct tape, cardboard and paper towels to make a couple weapons (nunchukus and a dagger, if you're curious. I had no interest in trying to make a gun. These were much simpler). I used to make my own makeup, so I pulled out my pigments to make some fake blood.

Two shades of red iron oxide, a little ultramarine to make it less orange-y. A little boron nitrite to lighten it up a bit. Mixed together with water and a little glycerin to thicken it up.

Yes indeed, I know scant little about color theory and whether glycerin was, in fact, the best choice. But I worked with what I had. I used an old and quite cheap fan brush to apply the blood. I soaked the brush. Hung up the shirt, and flicked the brush at the shirt. Delightful blood splatters and smatters. Clearly I had just killed another child with my dagger to get their nunchukus. Next, I would kill K-Swiss. He had a gun.

K-Swiss's costume was incredibly easy. He had the outfit already. Khaki pants, white shirt (close enough), leather jacket, hat and boots. I make him a duct tape whip and we bought a cap gun from Walgreens.

While we were driving, K-Swiss wanted to shoot the gun once. I said OK. I had no idea how loud it would be. I couldn't hear out of my right ear for a moment. My ears were both ringing for sometime afterwards. And you could smell it. That was a tiny explosion, wasn't it? I had no idea how loud it would be.

Of course, everyone at the party knew who K-Swiss was straight away. I told a quick summary of the story many times, whenever anyone asked who I was. They were all thoroughly horrified.

Being a violent, terrified, classmate mate killing school girl has never looked so good.

I never did get K-Swiss's gun....

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