Friday, November 05, 2010

I used to write

There are things that I think you should read. Things that I would like for you to read. I am going to post them here.

He watched her reflection on his computer screen. She pulled on the drawstring pants and slid into a pair of flip-flops. He absentmindedly clicked a few buttons to make it look like he was actually occupied and not completely distracted by her. For gods sake, she may not need it as much as better endowed ladies, her lack of a bra gave him an absolute inability to look anywhere else. Her nipples poked through the thin tank top as if it was snowing outside. He removed his eyes from her reflection for one moment to glance out the window behind his desk. Beautiful. Clear blue skies, a puffy white cloud or two. He looked back at her nipples. It wasn't fair, really.

February 2009

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