Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vote or Die

Actually, if you don't vote, nothing will happen. But I will be super sad.

I recently blogged about one of my most favorite Blogosphere Celebrities evar: Violet Lebeaux

Well, I am one of the top three finalists in her giveaway!!!!! I would really appreciate it if you could vote for me!! Violet is an amazing girl who I would love love love to meet (if I'm ever in Australia!). But, I'll settle for receiving some of her goodies. I'm most excited about the nails, the umbrella, and the rings! I love rings! So, please check out her blog and vote for me!!!! Everyone who votes gets either 1) a beverage of your choice 2) a cupcake OR 3) hugs hugs hugs. (I think #3 is the best choice) You must visit me in order to receive your prize.**

**I'M KIDDING! I am not bribing people to vote for me. But, of course, anyone who likes can have hugs. And we can go to Amelie's and get delicious pastries. Or find a nice pub and get our drink on.**

Anyway, please please please vote for me! Thank you all!

*Yes, in fact, I did link to the voting page no less than nine times. Why do you ask?

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