Friday, July 16, 2010

Introducing: Violet LeBeaux is truly one of my favorite blogs. I never ever miss one of her posts. I knew nothing about the Hime Gyaru fashion before I stumbled upon her blog. It's super cute, frilly, sparkley, lacy, and everything girly. So wonderful. She posts tutorials about how to transform simple, everyday objects like a pillow case and two scarves or a cardboard Pringles tube into something wonderful! She adds a much needed girly touch to items with blah, such as decoing head phones or customizing a pair of boots. Or her DS! This is so cute!

What I love about her blog is her creativity! She provides a way for people to dress in Hime Gyaru fashion without spending an arm and a leg!

Violet is currently hosting a giveaway. To enter you have to come up with an elevator pitch for her. Whether you want to enter her contest, or just find out more about what this "Hime Gyaru" is all about, head to to learn more.

All photos owned by Violet LeBeaux! I'm just borrowing them for this post. :-)

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