Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What does P. Diddy feel like when he wakes up?????

So, lately I've been casual to the extreme (at least for me). It's shortened how long it takes me to get ready for work or ready for the day.

In fact, yesterday I woke up at 7:42. Oops! I was out the door by 7:44. I threw on my clothes and brushed my teeth. Brushed my hair, put on concealer and powder at a stoplight. I got to work 2 minutes late. I put on eyeliner while standing at my locker. (My rule is that if I forget every bit of eye makeup, I'm good as long as I have on eyeliner. It helps that my lashes are naturally black.) Chapstick stays in my pocket all day.

It makes life so much easier.

New routine:
Hair is tossed into a smooth ponytail with a cute and/or colorful bobby pin holding back my bangs.
Wearing my glasses more often.
Makeup consists of concealer, setting powder, eyeliner, mascara and chapstick

Total comes to five pieces. All of which I can toss in my makeup bag and keep in my purse. Along with a lash curler.

Boyfriend said this still sounded like a lot. So, for comparison, here is what I used to wear on my low maintenance/little makeup days: two types of concealer, makeup primer, tinted moisturizer, setting powder, eye primer, eyeshadow (highlight), eyeshadow (lid), eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, lipstick or lip balm and gloss. Total comes to 14.

My regular makeup, not low maintenance: Add another blush (I would layer a cream blush with a powder blush. Nice effect, actually). Add two more shadows. Foundation instead of tinted moisturizer. Add brow gel and powder. Total comes to 19.

Wearing only five pieces is pretty nice. I used to spend most of my time on my eyes. Soooo much time.

My hair wasn't very high maintenance. Put in mousse while it's damp and dry it just a bit. Done. Now I put in frizz serum and toss it into a pony. Done. It's the makeup where I'm saving so much time.

Oh my loverly makeup collection. I haven't abandoned it. I am just loving being more casual these days.

In other news: I want these jeans. I NEEEED these jeans. They cost a whopping $168. Any recommendations?

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