Friday, April 23, 2010

Gawgous dahling

Picture are from Temptalia! It's really a wonderful site, you much check it out! I don't own any of these pictures! I just wanted to share with you all the awesomeness that is Temptalia and it's founder Christine.

The lovely above is Lancome's Temptingly Bronze Bamboo Bronzer.... Just look at it. I'm bamboozled. Hahaha. (Sorry.) Isn't it gorgeous! Isn't it amazing! But then, look what happens after the first application (or two):

I'm heartbroken. No really. The pink and gold are all gone. You're left with a less inspiring bronzer, I think. I'm sure the product is wonderful, but after the first image, I'm all "meh." Oh well. This is really why I subscribe to Temptalia in the first place. I love to see the pretty new MAC collections, the gorgeous Guerlain products. But I'll probably never buy. I might buy a highlighting powder from a MAC collection someday (god, I wanted one from Dame Edna, did I ever). But, all in all, it's a bit steep for me.

Temptalia also posts awesome makeup looks. I love them! Some are REAAAALLY daring. Like, too bold for me. Like this one below: So Blue, So, So Blue! She does an amazing application job as always (I need lessons from her! The blending is flawless), but the colors are so not for me.

This one is also bold, but I could totally see myself wearing this for going out (like when I used to have money and used to party, haha). I totally love this look: Dramatic Smokey Eyes in Hot, Fuchsia Pink

But then there's looks like this which I could totally see myself doing. It's simply, neutral, beautiful, with a pop of bright, gorgeous gold: Go Away Rainy Days

This was today's: Coral Crepe as Base. The colors are perfect. I think they would really compliment my skintone. I've been hearing more and more about using a nude liner on the waterline instead of white, and it's nice to see it in action here. It definitely stands out less, making more a more natural look.

Okay, well there's your little Temptalia primer. I don't know what the hell you're still doing on my blog. Go to hers! It's AMAZING. Subscribe, comment, love!

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