Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why Mary Kay

I have recently made the decision to become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. While I'm starting out, I'm working closely with my recruiter and my director and other ladies. My recruiter, Jenny, is someone I have known from the very first day I stepped foot on Abbey grounds. She was working for Admissions, giving prospective and future students tours of the Abbey. She was fun and energetic, honest and refreshing. That was over six years ago. She's now married and a mom, but she's still got all those wonderful qualities that made me want to be friends when we first met.

The more and more I research, read, and talk about Mary Kay there more intrigued and interested I get. Let me say that about 4 or 5 years ago, when I was a waitress in Greenville, I considered working with Avon, after all, I knew I already loved the products. My mother is so in love with Avon! I met with an Avon Representative over lunch. She was kind and positive, but essentially I was to give her $10 and she would give me a stack of Avon catalogs. There was no training involved. I didn't even get any samples to share with prospective clients!

Now, the price to join Mary Kay is quite a bit steeper! To begin, you must purchase a starter kit. You cannot become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant without doing so. The starter kit costs $100 to start (plus tax and shipping, it comes to about $117). You get plenty of products, including some full sized products!, to help you start out. (Yes, Tiffasaurus, this includes some Satin Hands samples. And, yes, I will save some for you!) You get (full sized) cleanser, moisturizer, ELEVEN foundations, makeup remover, and mascara! You also get even more samples, training materials, etc etc. It's worth over $300 (retail).

Mary Kay offers a LOT of training. Julie Potts, who will be my director, has been doing Mary Kay for twenty years and she is still training. In Kuk Sool Won, we always say "I need more practice sir/ma'am." It doesn't matter how far you've come, you can always work to better yourself. Even the KSW masters will say "I need more practice, sir/ma'am" because they know it to be true even more than the colored belts. There is meetings/classes twice a week, with dinner included. They're optional, but I'm going to attend every one that I can. We all know that I love school (just, maybe not the homework!) and I love learning, so I'm going to enjoy soaking up all the training offered at the meetings.

In addition to all this, I'm very excited for the sense of community. I'm excited to meet wonderful, successful, strong women. Yesterday, I went over to Jenny's house and we had coffee and talked Mary Kay. I don't think I've ever gone over to a girlfriend's house for coffee before? It was a lot of fun. (Plus, I got to try Satin Hands for the first time. Amazing!) On Thursday, Jenny is hosting a party at her house to help Chanel (another girl starting out) and me get started and get acclimated to doing parties and such.

I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity. If you know me, you know how much I adore makeup and skin care. It's one of my obsessions. I consider makeup and skincare to be my hobby. I don't spend money on video games (I just use K-Swiss's!), I'm not outdoorsy, I'm not terribly crafty. Makeup/skincare has been my hobby for a couple years. I already have a couple Mary Kay products that I absolutely love and I'm excited to learn more about the rest.

So, with that being said, of COURSE, any follower of Mary Commentary receives 15% off of all pre-orders from me! In order to receive this discount, leave a comment below with your email address and I will contact you. Also, until April 30th, ANY PURCHASE of $50 or more, will receive free jewelry from the In Pursuit store! If you're eager to purchase, go ahead and check out my website; you'll get free MK gifts and samples! I cannot yet offer a discount via the website, but every follower of Mary Commentary who shops my website will receive a gift certificate towards your next purchase. Tell your friends! If you live in the Charlotte area and want a free facial or a free makeover, just leave your email address and I'll be in touch!

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