Monday, March 22, 2010

Top 10 Ageha Meme

Kind of a "things I'm loving".... Found about this on twitter. See the lovely Violet LeBeaux's Top 10!

In no particular order:
Mascara, Black eyeliner, Taro bubble tea, Hershy's Dark Chocolate Kisses, T-Rex Squishable (available from GET ONE!), stiletto heels, yoga pants, dangly earrings, cute or nerdy undies, Special K bars

Also, no particulars to how I just threw these on here. They're all over the place!

P.S. The jewelry is available from the In Pursuit store:
Spring Blooms: Iris Earrings $6.00 from In Pursuit
(Spring Blooms Collection: Free shipping to US/Can, $3.00 int'l)
Purple Earrings $7.00 from In Pursuit
(Shipping, US/$2 Int'l/$6)

1 comment:

Violet LeBeaux said...

I love all of those things haha! I think all of us girls have very similar tastes ^_^ I'm seriously craving bubble tea now though damn it!