Thursday, March 18, 2010

They're going to team up and attack my t-zone oh god oh god oh god

So I tried a few new products recently with some rather unpleasant results. I was disappointed to say the least. I'm on a bit of an anti-aging kick lately. Oh, yes, I can hear you: "ANTI-AGING? You're only twenty-five!" Yeah yeah, and I look twenty. I realize. But I'm five years to thirty, and I figure now is a good time to start thinking about how to postpone fine lines before more start popping up. I have a few, but they don't bother me too much.

My skin care routine, pre-kick, consisted of makeup remover, cleanser, occasional mask, toner, acne med (preventative, usually), eye cream, and moisturizer. I wanted to toss some anti-aging serum in the mix.

Anyway, I got samples of Clinique SuperDefense and SuperRescue -- "of course I'll come back and purchase this fifty dollar two ounce tub" ... actually, I might if it did amazing things. Like clear up my skin completely.

They're day and night moisturizers. I used both on Monday night and again on Tuesday morning. I also used Lumene Radiant Dual Serum. Day and night.

Later on Tuesday, my face started to feel a bit irritated. That night, I noticed red bumps as I was washing my face. Boooo! BOOOOO! So, Wednesday, I didn't use the Lumene, but I used everything else as normal, and used the Clinique in the AM. Still had the bumps.

Didn't use the Clinique last night. Or this morning. Still had the bumps.

Tonight, I washed with my regular face wash and used my regular Ponds moisturizer (it has a fragrance that reminds me of cold cream, but it makes for a great night time moisturizer. I've got Dry/Combination skin.)

The bumps seem to have subsided somewhat. I think I just overwhelmed my face. So, I'm going to slowly introduce the products. Maybe start with using the Clinique only in the AM for a couple days. If that all goes well, add the Clinique in the PM. So forth and so on.

I think adding multiple new products to your skincare routine in one go is probably a bad idea. Skin is finicky. I have pretty decent skin, so I was suprised to see it get irritated. It's never happened to me before. Well, now I know.

I've also read that too much Anti-Aging product may cause irritation in younger women. Just from a blogger. She was specifically talking about using the Clinique SuperDefense AND SuperRescue. I haven't seen research. But if the Clinique SuperRescue (pm) irritates my face, I'll know why.

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