Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: Too Faced Lash Injection

Sometime last year, I purchased the Too Faced Decades of Glamour Beauty Wardrobe from TJ Maxx. Check out this post for some really great pix. Up until recently, I'd only used the eye shadows, blush, bronzer and highlighter. I'd loved all of them. Particularly the absolutely lovely highlighter and the Label Whore eye shadow. It's so unique! Yesterday, I pulled out the mini sample of the Too Faced Lash Injection (apologies to twitter followers. I did not in fact use BADgal today. Don't know why I thought I was using Benefit.)

I wasn't even sure if it was still usable. But the little label on side declared that I had six good months after opening in which the product was still usable. (The Period After Opening image is pictured below. Check out this link for more info about cosmetics labels.) So, I opened my mascara. The actual mascara looked okay. I took a whiff. It didn't smell funky. Sometimes mascara can smell if it goes off. I hadn't opened it before, so no chance of a rogue microbe getting in and infecting all my mascara. I'm a big believer in the PAO tags. If I have a mascara/lip gloss that is six months-one year old but unopened, I'll probably use it. And I've never had any issues with this. Just so long as it has NEVER BEEN OPENED. If it has, proceed with caution. I'd really hate for you to get an eye infection because you opened the mascara one time four months ago and a single microbe latched on and and 75432305467202 babies.

So, I tested the mascara on my lashes. No clumping. At all. In fact, it went on beautifully! It lengthened and separated better than ANY mascara I've tried! And I've tried quite a few. I was most shocked at the absolute lack of clumping! It's like ever lash was individually coated. Volume wasn't amazing, but length and definition were stellar.

Too Faced claims that this mascara uses the same kind of tubing that L'Oreal Beauty Tubes Mascara uses, but upon removing the mascara, I didn't really see that. I still like this mascara, and it didn't smudge or flake on me, but I didn't notice any evidence of that "tube technology."

I definitely recommend this mascara to all my ladies. I have never purchased mascara costing more than, oh $7.00, but Too Faced Lash Injection is almost enough to convert me. Happily, this mascara is available in a mini size ($8.50) and a full size ($19.50). Seeing as mascara can expire so quickly, I'm a bit more likely to purchase the small size. If I ever choose to re-purchase this mascara, I may wait around to see if Sephora comes out a mascara sampler that includes Too-Faced.

Too Faced Lash Injection is available for $19.50 from Too Faced or Sephora
To see this mascara in action, check out JulieG713's video: Too Faced Lash Injection Experiment

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