Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ooh-wee! Shut my mouth, slap your grandma

Okay, I get it now. Denim leggings are like my jeans that I need K-Swiss's assistance to remove at night. TMI? Too bad. I can get them most of the way off, but sometimes I need him to grab the ankles of my jeans and yank. They're really tight. And that's the way I like them.

Jeggings are not just skinny jeans, they're the super skinny "lord have mercy, how'd she even get those britches on" jeans. God love 'em. I wonder how long they'll be in fashion. Now that I'm thin again (yay for no longer having to starve myself!) I really like wearing fitted clothes. I used to hide behind sweaters and baggy jeans. Or, sometimes I would forget and I'd just throw on a tank top. Then I'd see a photo of myself from that time and throw up a little in my mouth. Okay, yes. I'm sorry if you think that's harsh or wrong and "women should learn to love their bodies!!!" But I hated my body. Not because of society or fashion mags. But because I was overweight and felt supremely unattractive. And I did something about it. I stop the cause, dieted like nutso, and started working out again. And I dropped about 35 lbs. And then, my friends, I went shopping.

Oh, dear. This wasn't supposed to be a ranting post. Oh well.

Also: case in point for why I think skinnies look fugly with flats.

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Karen said...

I used to be a fairly big girl and the type who always wanted to wear jeggings. These days I'm much, much thinner and enjoy wearing those pants all the time! YAY!