Saturday, March 06, 2010

It's a party in the U.S.A.

Hordes of items from the Miley and Max collection is on clearance at Walmart right now. Most of these items are downright god-awful. Some of it, however, is worth purchasing. Especially now that it's between $3-$7 -- at my Walmart, at least. Prices may vary. If you're curious, get off your ass and just go to Walmart.

I wound up with three items from the collection, but I may return for a couple more.

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Junior Skinny Twill Pants in Black
At a mere $5.00, you can't really go wrong with these pants. Especially black. Who doesn't love black skinny pants? Other options are Purple, Charcoal and Taupe (actually, I'm not sure if it was called Taupe. But it was taupe-y colored).

Pair these with a sweater, a boyfriend cardigan or a long-sleeved tee and boots, tall or ankle, whichever floats your boat. Add a fun scarf for a little texture. Fun, simple, flop-proof. What's not to love?

Miley Cyrus and Max Azria - Junior Denim LeggingsI can't find these on the Walmart website. Or, anywhere online incidentally. So I don't know if Miley/Max actually calls them Denim Leggings. I call these Jeggings, although I see online most people refer to super skinnies as jeggings. Which is silly. When I wear leggings, I must wear a long sweater, because I'm not about to let my entire behind show when I'm wearing actual leggings. But jeans? Even in super skinnies, I have no qualms about wearing a regular, hip-length top. So, I call these Jeggings. Although, their texture is between tights and leggings. They don't feel like the traditional knit fabric that most leggings are made of.

These jeggings set me back a whopping $3.00. I'd wear these the same way I'd wear any other leggings; a long sweater, maybe a belt at the waist. Flats, boots or pumps, but remember that with skinny pants, flats are going to make you look shorter. And like a college student. Boots are always a safe bet.

The picture below is not the Miley/Max Jeggings. It's some random pair I found online to give you an idea. The Miley/Max Jeggings and a bit darker and have no false pockets or fly stitched into the top. They also have zippers on the outside of the calf. Just in case you are having trouble getting your pants on or off. (NOT THAT I'VE EVER HAD THIS PROBLEM. IT'S NOT LIKE K-SWISS HAS TO HELP ME TAKE MY SUPER SKINNIES OF AT THE END OF THE DAY NO SIRREE.)

Miley Cyrus and Max Azria - Junior Skinny Knit Pants in BlackCan't really find these online either, so the picture is another random photo that I found online. These are really Ponte Knit Skinnies. I've had my eye on them since they came out, but I wasn't about to spend $20 and a pair of Miley Cyrus pants. They were recently lowered to $5.00 at my store and I grabbed them. These are great because they're super comfy, but I can wear them to work. I've actually been wanting Ponte Knit Skinny Pants for a long time. Before Miley came out with a pair. So, I'm pleased that not only she had a pair in her collection, but that the people in Gastonia did not love them as much as I did.

You can wear these with the same suggestions I said for the Twill pants. I wore them today with a black tank, embellished with silver sequins around the neckline (Old Navy via Goodwill Outlet), tall camel colored slouchy boots (TJ Maxx) and a gray boyfriend cardigan (Forever 21). Simple, and easy. And really comfortable. Desperately in need of a scarf, actually; it was a little boring.

There are a couple other items that I want from the Miley/Max line.

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Sequin Bow Racerback Tunic in Black

This is a really cute top and would look great with skinny jeans. I'd prefer it in black, but it also comes in cream and blue, I believe. The black on black actually looks pretty chic and you could wear this on a night out with the girls. A steal at $3.00. My only issue would be the bra. I don't have any racerback bras and I'd need to try this tank on to be sure my bra wouldn't show.

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Vest Cardigan in Black
I. Want. This. I swear, I'd wear it constantly. I've wanted it since I first saw it, but I'm so cheap. At $3.00, cheaper than [the regular] Goodwill, I think I can say yes. It comes in various colors but, surprise surprise, I want black.

Black is by far my favorite color to wear. This has been true for as long as I can remember. I cannot tell you how many plain black tees I have. I get most of them from the Goodwill Outlet, so I can get about 3450924720 plain tees/tanks for about five bucks. I heart that store.

So, Miley and Max. I was pleasantly surprised with some of the collection, actually. I love all the ruffled blouses. I have one sheer black top that I purchased in November. It's quite sexy, because it's high-necked and mid-length sleeves, so it covers up, but it's a sheer top. (I wear it with a black tank underneath.) There's something undeniably sexy about sheer (done right).

I regret not purchasing one of the ruffled blue blouses while they were in stock. I tried one on and decided I didn't like how it wore, but in retrospect, if I had belted the top, it would be perfect. It was a silhouette that I was unfamiliar with at the time. Oh well.

The Miley/Max sheer tunics are the items that I refer to as "god-awful." I tried them on and they just fell all wrong. I was completely underwhelmed and quite disappointed. I like sheer tops, for reasons stated above. However, it could be that they fall right on your body, so by all means, please check them out.

I must stress, $5.00 is TOO HIGH a price to pay for something that you will not wear! If you pick out a Miley/Max product, or really any item from any store, and you only kind of like it and you think you might wear it someday. And you go and purchase because, hey, it's only $5.00! Do not make this mistake! Say, in one year, you bought six items at five dollars each that were really cute on the hanger -- but less so on you. Instead, you could save that $30 and buy a super cute blouse that you will get tons of use and compliments! So, just keep that in mind while shopping, always.

Have you checked out the Miley/Max collection at Walmart? Have you purchased any items, or do you plan to now that they're clearance priced? Let me know your thoughts!


Tiffany said...

save some money and buy some of my jewelry.

Stargirl said...

I have tons of jewelry. Jewelry isn't going to be a purchase I make from anywhere anytime soon. No offense to In Pursuit. Whenever I do get a hankering for more jewelry, I'll be sure to purchase from you.