Sunday, March 07, 2010

Cobalt Blue

Many of you know that I have left my RuffleJob. If you are just learning this now, I'll just say it's a long story. Or rather, I don't feel like blogging about it. But know that I left the company on good terms. I wasn't fired or anything. Okay! On with the blog!

I recently got a job at Walgreens. I was actually quite happy with this. I worked at Walgreens in the past and really enjoyed it. One of the things I like most now is the new uniform. When I started in 2007, Management wore gray vests, Photo wore white smocks, Beauty wore black smocks, and regular clerks wore blue smocks. Walgreens surveyed customers and found that most customers thought the different colored vests/smocks were confusing. So the uniform changed. All hourly employees would wear blue polos and management would wear woven blue button down shirts. These were issued by Walgreens and have "Walgreens" embroidered on the back, just below the neck.

They are changing this again so that clerks may wear their own Cobalt Blue button downs. Or polos. I was told they must be Cobalt Blue, but I assume there is wiggle room here. Especially since my manager was clearly wearing light cornflower blue. I was issued one woven button down when I was hired. It's a women's shirt, so the cut attempt to be flattering, but it's a Small, not and XS (I can't believe I need XS blouses again!) so it's not completely fitted. I actually think this was originally one of the woven blue management shirts, but since that dress code no longer applies, I can wear it. I'm completely thrilled that I don't have to wear polos or smocks to work. While you can wear your own cute clothes underneath a smock, there is nothing flattering about polos.

Today, I tried on my blue Walgreens shirt. I paired it with skinny black trousers and tall black boots. I cinched in the waist of the shirt with a wide, stretchy black belt. Took a look in the mirror. Not to bad. Actually, with the belt, kinda cute.

I purchased two button down blue tops from Target today. Not that I love spending $10-$15 on a top (oh, I know. I'm such a cheapskate) but they were cute cute and I actually do need them for work. And, the $10 top was already on clearance. I wasn't about to wait for the price to drop, lest I loose the top altogether. Both shirts are, annoyingly, not on the target website. Even the fifteen-dollar-not-on-clearance top. So, no pictures until I actually wear them. But here is a quick description.

1) Long sleeve, button up, ultramarine (which is quite close to cobalt, actually), fitted, a bit long. Perfect for skinny black trousers and a wide belt.
2) Banded capsleeves, fitted, v-neck, button up (only up to the v)cornflower blue. Entirely cute on its own. I would love a pair of skinny khakis to wear this with for work, actually. I'd wear pumps, not boots, so at to not look too equestrian.
Now, there is the matter of shoes. I read the dress code and it says for women, the appropriate shoes are "low to mid-height heels or flats." Ugh. Really? I mean, it makes sense. But I don't own any work-appropriate mid-height black boots. I only own 4-inch boots. Which, actually, I can stand in for 7 hours. My feet will hate me when I'm older, but damned if I'm not going to take advantage of sexy heels while I can.

Anyway, I considered purchasing a pair of low-heeled or flat black boots. Like riding boots or something. But, I really don't have the cash and don't want to shell out for another pair of boots. I heart my boots. So, I'll wear them. Sneakers aren't allowed according to the dress code, but most stores allow them. I figure, they don't bust people for dressing down, maybe they'll let me slide for dressing up? Anyway, that's the angle I'll be using if my heel height is ever mentioned.

Have you ever had to abide by retail stores dress code in the past? Tell me about your experiences!

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