Saturday, January 16, 2010

My little apartment

"This place has a lot of potential!" my sister said, eyeing my tiny apartment. I was quite sure she was thinking of her last apartment. Which, by the way, was magnificent. It was everything that is great about an apartment. Her bedroom was the size of a baseball diamond and had a fireplace! Her kitchen-- don't get me started. She had the most adorable breakfast nook. My apartment is quite a bit smaller. I still really need to clean out the bottom cabinets so I can store my (future) pots and pans in there. (I have a few.... but I desperately need more.) As it stands, they're taking up space which could be used for pantry space.

I'm quite fond of my little apartment. Two tiny bedrooms. One tiny bathroom. One tiny living room. A decent sized kitchen with not enough cupboard space. And no place for a table. It's okay. There's a kind of bar area, thought it's a little low. It'll do.

Being on the corner of the building, it takes more to heat than the rest of the apartments. True story. I'm surrounded on three sides by cold air. They're hugged by other warm apartments. My energy bill this month sucked. I love my energy bill in September - November, before it got really cold.

But, it's okay. Because my favorite part about my apartment: it's my place.


Anonymous said...

love your little apartment! :)

Piano Man said...

I love OUR little apartment!

Stargirl said...

Ooh, you are right! It is OUR apartment now :-)