Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blueberry Blankets

Well, I only used half of 'em for the muffins. Thank frak. (My new form of editing for you, Tiffasaurus: using BSG curse words word. Even the censors let them through!)

So, I made blueberry pancakes!!!

My gosh. They were beautiful. Bursting with juices.
I wish I had a better photo of them after they berries burst.

We added eyes to this little guy, but the mouth was pure happenstance.

Okay, tilt your head about 30 degrees to the right.

Look familiar?

lolololol :-)

Anyway, they were quite yummy! I didn't even know if I would like them

Seeing as I'm not too fond of blueberries.

They're definitely growing on me.

... GROSS. Can you imagine if blueberries were ACTUALLY growing on me. Eww. Creepy!!!

K-Swiss, Pete, and Alia chowing down. Nom nom nom.

Lastly for your viewing pleasure, Pete's imitation of Peirce Brosnan.
Alia seems impressed, don'tyou think?

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