Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saturday, what a day....

Saturday, I did a test run in my skinny jeans.

This is me, sassin' the boys, as I am wont to do (click for larger image)

(these aren't posed, I actually was sassin')

Obligatory bathroom photos, which I fail at. (come on, how hard can it be?)

A couple close ups

CAN I DO THIS? Can you wear skinny jeans with ankle boots??? Well, I did it. There it is.

BTW (bee-tee-dubs, there's another one for you, Tiffasaurus), my socks matched my tank, though the former is completely hidden and the latter is partially concealed. I did that on purpose.

Indigo Super Skinny Jeans, Forever 21, $9.50
Basic Black Scoopneck Tee, Forever 21, $3.99 (clearance)
Basic Blue Spaghetti Tank, Forever 21, $2.50
Black Leather Ankle Boots, St. John's Bay, $20? It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure I got them on serious sale.
Pink and Black Scarf, Mama, FREE

Earlier that day, I was sporting this:

That second photo is totally in honor of Tiffasaurus. I think there is a nigh identical pic of her somewhere.

Heather Cardigan, Forever 21, $6 or $7 on clearance
Black Fans Trendy Tee, Steve & Barry's, $3 on closeout sale (damn, I wish that store was still open)
Blue and Purple Braided Scarf, Mama, Free!
Jackie O Sunglasses, Walmart, $5?

Daddy said I looked "stylish." Keeping in mind, my dad isn't real into fashion, but, you know, I felt pretty trendy.

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Anonymous said...

you could wear mom jeans with the right shirt and dad would call it stylish