Monday, October 26, 2009

Lunch break

I bought some skinny jeans. I'm not sure how to wear them. So, I'll be taking photos this week and posting them of my outfits and you have to tell me what you think, plz. I feel quite hip.

Today, I'm not wearing skinny jeans. I'm at work people!!! I'm wearing olive green slacks from City Street (J.C. Penney) and a l/s navy scoop neck tee from Heritage 1981 (Forever 21). I'm cozied up with a grey knit sweater from St. John's Bay (J.C. Penney) that is too small, but has a belt to keep it on. On my feet: some Gold sandals from Worthington (J.C. Penney... yeah, guess where I used to work!?!). No makeup.

The first photo is my A.M. attempt at a photo. I really suck at taking pix in the mirror, I think. The last two were after I got home.

Click for larger image.

These are the shoes I should've worn to work: Naughty Monkey Paris Stroll Pumps in an Olive Peacock Print; Off Broadway, $25. Sooo sexy.

Unfortunately, these are the shoes I did wear. (hem pulled up so you can see the shoe). God, I'm lazy.

Still, a bit casual, yeah? But tomorrow, I've got something good for y'all. I want feedback on these outfits, also. Not altogether sure what I'm doing.

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Tiffany ♥ said...

those shoes are delicious