Monday, October 19, 2009

Lunch Break: October 19th

Well, I'm on my lunch break. I thought that, since I don't blog very much and I spend my whole lunch hour on the computer reading web comics, I could just do a little daily blurb. This will often include girly parts about clothes and makeup. Or I might just be bitching about some RuffleProblems.

Today, I've got these sweet new jeans. They're a dark, dark wash with two buttons on the pocket (almost give it the sailor pants look). Paired with a basic cotton knit longsleeve scoop neck tee and black ankle length boots. The pants were tailored by my mother to be long enough for either my 4 inch or 2 inch heels. I'll tell you what, I'm comfy, but I feel professional today. Especially when I walk on tile. Man, I love how heels sound on tile!

I picked up some Covergirl TruConceal and TruBlend Pressed Powder (shade 3, if anyone /Tiffasaurus/ is curious). I was out of concealer and I wanted to be able to just wear a little bit of makeup, instead of foundation. This works for me. Conceal a few spots, follow with pressed powder. Most days I'll wear a neutral lip and just groom my brows with a clear mascara. Some days, I'll toss on a colorful lippie and mascara and we're good. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll use blush and eye liner as well. Today is a neutral lip kinda day.

I'm freaking freezing, though. I'm glad I brought a sweater. It was 33º this morning. I can't believe I'm going to northern Michigan in one month. This week, the highs in Traverse city range from 43º-55º. This week, the highs in Belmont range from 65º-73º. THAT'S TWENTY DEGREES COLDER HOLY CRAP. I'm going to WEAR my down comforter.

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