Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black, black, and more black.

Sometimes I feel like I wear too much black, but I'm a big fan of this outfit. It could've been improved with one of those wide stretchy belts, but I don't own one. I'd like one in red, to go with this, though. But black would go with so much more.

I think this dress is super ridiculous hotness. (Boyfriend thinks so, too).

Obligatory AM bathroom shot

Took a few pix during my lunch break. Same sweater from yesterday. I really mostly wore the sweater all day. My desk is right next to a window and it's chilly. Also, the middle pic is me not realizing that my camera was taking two shots.

Not sure why I thought this pose was a good idea. I'll keep my hands down from now on. Although, with the sweater, that would make my waist invisible....

Purse was lent/given to me by Mama. I don't know if she'll want it back at some point. SEXY BOOTS. Actually, the look a little funny in this pic. But trust me, they're sexy.

Sweater Dress, Target, $14.00
Black Leggings, Forever 21, $2.99 (seriously. On clearance)
Black Tall Boots, Off Broadway, $40.00


Anonymous said...

when did i become such a frump?

Stargirl said...

why are you a frump?

Anonymous said...

relative to you, miss leggings and sexy high heels! ;)