Friday, October 09, 2009

Bi Weekly Budget: 100909 - 102309

Latest paycheck= 661.50. Small because I was out 2 days. I get my bonus on the 15th. My pay raise goes into effect with the next paycheck.

Oct 09-22 Budget

$70 - Gas ($20+ the usual because I'm going home for the weekend)
$30 - Food
$20 - Misc
I've taken out the "Clothes" and "Home" sections, because I'm trying to use as little money as possible.
Total = $120

Electricity - $40
Boyfriend - $60
Credit card -$? hammering out a deal with daddy this weekend.
Total = $100 (so far)

$50 - graduation
$75 - for car stuff
$15 - Dinner before Dawkins
Total = $140

$661.50-$360 = $301.50
So, I can take that amount and put part of it towards my contract with daddy and part towards savings. I need to be saving for a new car and I'd like to put at least 50% down. So, I'd like to get $3000 in saving before I start looking. I need to put $250 in savings each month to do. I'll start by putting my bonus in each 15th. Should be at least $100/month there. Then $75 from each paycheck. Hopefully I can put more than $75/check away each month, so I can save up faster.

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