Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aqua. Aqua aqua aqua. Funny word.

I cannot express to you how well my outfit came together on Wednesday. The aqua of the tank was an amazing exact match to the aqua in the print on the top! It's such a great fit, because there is very little aqua in the top and the tank accent pulled it out nicely. The greens and browns in the top coordinated with my shoes and my pants. All in all, a very nice outfit. I'm fond of it.
(click to enlarge)

Printed top by To The Max
Aqua tank by New York and Co
Cordory Pants by Ann Taylor
Olive Peacock Naughty Monkey Pumps
Faux Pearl Necklace

Also, my Walmart has some George and NOBO tights on clearance! Check it out!
The first photo is of George trouser socks (but I have them pulled all the way up (knee high), and cropped the photo so it looks like hose! I'll just wear them with pants though.)
The second and third photos feature polka dot tights by NOBO. The color is "Mercury." Super cool. I lurve these tights.
Cost? The trou socks were $1, the tights were $2.50. I also got some black printed tights, will show you in a later post.

Hope you like! Ta

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