Friday, August 21, 2009

My own place

Both of my roomies are moving out this weekend. I'm quite happy to finally have my own place. First of all, I never have to worry if someone else forgot to lock the doors at night or turn the oven off or something like that. When I'm fully responsible for everything, I feel better; more confident that things get done right.

I'm converting the second bedroom into my study. BOOKS EVERYWHERE. It'll be wonderful. My parents are bringing up a bookshelf for me, in addition to some other things. I'm also going to start scouring yard sales and craig's list for bookshelves and other things I need for my home.

But, I had been lending one of my roomies my down comforter since he moved here in February. I lurve my comforter. It is so warm and wonderful. However, my roomie had nothing, bed wise, so I was happy to loan it. My roomie held on to the comforter until this week, at which point he washed it and ruined it (also, he had bled on it previously. Yuck. Didn't tell me until after it was washed and ruined). He offered compensation in the form of appliances/household goods he no longer needed/wanted. No thanks. My parents paid a lot of money that down comforter. They aren't cheap. I'd really just like another one of equal quality.

Then he offered to sell me his unwanted household appliances. Would I like to buy his A/C unit? No thanks. My boyfriend is leaving his A/C unit for me, and that unit is extremely efficient and more than enough for my apartment. His rug? No thanks. My mom is loaning me her Oriental Rug. It's lovely and it matches my runner. Also, it's in much better condition. What about his router? Seriously? He told me how much everything was worth. No. I'm not going to go to the trouble of selling your unwanted goods because you ruined my down comforter. Just pick up another at Bed, Bath and Beyond. You'll probably get a 20% off coupon in the mail at some point; they come all the time.

Just sayin'.

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