Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Business Professional

Apparently, that is what I am now. I get business cards soon. For all your ruffly needs. I've found that I rather enjoy joining the rest of the suits and skirts on the daily commute. I listen to the radio and drink my coffee, run through my never ending To Do list. I realize that I have a "real job" now. It's pretty sweet. I have tons of responsibility that I never had before; if I screw up here, it effects more than just me and my paycheck.

That being said, I am often asking for MORE responsibility. "Whatever I can do..." I mention to my BossLady, a mother and owner of a small business. Every week here is more crazy than the last, she's told me. It's so true. I'm still learning... learning a lot. Tomorrow, I have to call a bunch of people who applied to become retailers. "I'm kind of unsure...." What do I ask? What do I say? Suggestions and answer for their many questions? "And, that's okay!" says BossMan. I'm not supposed to know it all right away. "We kinda threw you to the wolves," they've said to me on more than one occasion. But, I'm a fast learning. In fact, I already got a raise! And in the mornings, I have another employee to help me pack orders. Pretty sweet. Except I'm training someone... on something I was trained on two weeks ago. I just became somewhat self-sufficient. But, they must think me capable or else they wouldn't give it to me.

I love my job. For reals.

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