Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am actually terrible at doodling

I bring my laptop to one of my classes and I have found it immensely useful. Not only do I have better notes for this class than I have ever had for a lecture class without PowerPoint handouts, but I save a ton of paper. There are anywhere from 2-5 handouts to print off from IQ Web and bring to class each day; a waste of paper if I can just save it to my laptop, which I do. However, with just one week to go, I was told that wasting paper would become required. After all, how can I possibly take proper notes on a computer???

"You are required to PRINT OFF the IQ web materials and bring them to class. Reading them online during class and elsewhere is NOT adequate. There are two reasons for this:
1) Most importantly, printing off and reading materials allows you to underline, highlight and make margin notes! In this way, you will have something to focus on when I call on you. You won't draw a blank.
2) You can make further notes on the pages of the text when I lecture! You cannot do that looking at it on the screen."

I let the professor know that there are no notes that I can make on a hard copy that I cannot make through the saved copy on my computer. You can highlight, make notes, etc. It's silly to waste paper when I can do this. I let him know that I would continue to conserve paper.

To which my professor replied:
"I am sure that your computer wizardry is astounding; nevertheless, there is merit in dealing with paper, books, pens/pencils and the like. For instance, you can view two items at the same time, copy drawings and charts, and so forth. You can also doodle when the lecture is slow. Such doodling is a great student tradition."

Ah, thank you. I am sorry for the confusion. I did not realize I was paying over $800 to doodle during class. I will, of course, acquiesce.

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