Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses

Today I went shopping for a bridesmaid dress with my sister and another bridesmaid. We looked at a few other stores before going to David's Bridal; trying to find something cheaper that Tiff liked; but there weren't a lot of options. It's good, anyway, that we went to David's because the other bridesmaid lives in DC. She doesn't have to know what our dresses look like, she just need to find a dress in Watermelon (that's what color our dresses are).

Below are my dress (halter) and Anne Marie's dress (strapless). We'll be wearing silver shoes, I'm getting a silver (really, more gray) sash and I am the ONLY ONE allowed to wear any rhinestones (like a rhinestone clip in my hair, or rhinestone jewelry) because I'm the maid of honor. And I didn't get a special dress. But that is okay. I like my dress. (I'M NOT JUST SAYING THAT TIFFASAURUS, JUST BECAUSE YOU, THE BRIDE, READ MY BLOG. I REALLY DO LIKE IT. MUCH BETTER THAN THE DRESS WITH THE ROSES ON THE STRAP.)

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