Friday, June 19, 2009

Tequila Rose

Uggg. I have to be in a wedding tomorrow. Not a big fan of weddings. Receptions, I like. Receptions with good music, food, and beverages. Those will probably be the three things I spend the most money on when I get married. Flowers? Pffft. Who cares? Location? As long as it's got a dance floor. Invitations? SERIOUSLY? Why would you care more about the invites than the shindig itself?

Anyway, Boyfriend brough me back a shot glass from Nevada. It is super cool. I have yet to break it in. He get's paid today, so maybe he'll buy me some booze. Isn't he wonderful?

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Leo said...

If you're a rum girl, I must recommend Cruzan ("KRU-shen") Aged Dark. Choice...