Sunday, May 17, 2009


My god, it's been forever hasn't it? It really has. And I'm sitting here now thinking that I should really do the dishes, but I guess I'll blog instead. ^_^

Last night we had dinner in the apartment for the first time. I made sauteed green beans, Parmesan chicken pasta (sounds fancy, but it was a Pasta Sides and I added chicken), and tossed salad. We had Pete over for dinner, too! He said "wow! These green beans are really good!" and it made me happy because I've never sauteed anything in my life. They were yummy, thank you.

I'm not sure how we're going to be working out the whole food situation. With the money I have, I can't afford for everyone to be eating my food, but I've got the only food in the house right now. Boyfriend woke up this morning and asked what food there was. The only food that wasn't mine was some Ramen that my mother gave me that I've designated as Communal. He had a Cup of Noodles and is now eating barbecue chips that I picked up for him yesterday (at his request, with his dollar).

My new room looks like a dorm room. It's got a bed, my desk, and Boyfriend's make-shift desk area: a shelf with his monitor and X-Box360 on it. My laptop -- which I've generously donated to him until he gets a new computer -- is sitting on standby on the bottom shelf. We are both sitting in computer chairs in opposite corners staring at our monitors. Yup, it's basically a dorm room. But, it's a "dorm room" with a common room and full kitchen attached. A "dorm room" where RAs and ACs don't have access. So, I don't really mind.

Maybe I will post photos of the apartment later this week.

My goals for the day/week.
Immediate goal: Do the dishes
Short term goal: Get a job

I'm going to wrangle Boyfriend into helping me with that immediate goal now. After all, I cooked.

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