Friday, May 22, 2009

96 oz

I was pretty darn good yesterday. Since, like I said, I was setting a more attainable goal of 1488cal/day it was much easier.

Actually, the goal is set by My Daily Plate. I enter how much I weight, what my activity level is, and how much I'd like to loose. So I set it at 1lb/week with a "lightly active" level, which is defined as "seated and standing activities, e.g. computer use."

So, each time I adjust my weight, it adjust the calories I can have. So, when I weighed myself this morning, it was down a couple pounds! Wooo! That means I can have about 1,464 calories a day to lose one pound per week.

Yesterday, I only had 1359 calories, which was almost 125 calories less than my limit. I think it's because I drank so much water.

Anyway, hopefully you aren't getting sick of me talking about weight loss.

In other news, Papa John's isn't hiring T_T I was going to apply to be a pizza delivery girl. Buuuuut, the hair salon next to Papa John's IS hiring for a receptionist. I got an application and I'm going to turn it in today, after I make myself all cute.

Wish me luck!

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