Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Tomorrow I'm going to DC. I'm leaving at THREE AM! Yea. Really Freaking early. My friend Chris has in interview for a System Admin position with the Small Business Committee of the SENATE. OMG HOW COOL. So, I'm driving up with him. We're doing a day trip and NO ONE needs to be driving freaking 13 hours in one day. So, I'll drive up and he'll go on his interview and I'll putz around for a couple hours and then we'll go to a couple museums and then we'll drive back. I can't wait to post photos!!

Oh, and if you've been wonder where the heck I've been, I've been makeup crazy lately, so I've been messing around on my makeup blog: Stargirl's World. There is a giveaway going on right now, so if you like mascara, go check it out HERE.



Tendrils said...

Sweet! Sounds like a load of fun! Enjoy your DC explorations, and drive safely! Can't wait to see pics!

Happy Mingling! (That's My Answer!)

Angel said...

I hope you had a good DC trip!nothing like a day trip to make you feel good!

Bev Sykes said...

Enjoy your trip to DC. Hope it's profitable for your friend!