Monday, April 27, 2009


He was sitting on the railing, smoking a cigarillo or a black and mild or some other cheap mini-cigar like thing. The sickly sweet smell dissipated into the hot summer night. She didn't even glance up. She knew his face, but that was it. She knew enough to know that she didn't care to know more. She walked past on the way to her dorm thinking about her faded hair. "Hey," he said. "Hey," she replied and walked past. He had never so much as looked her way twice before. What had changed? She looked down at her front. Oh. Oh yeah.

I got a new bra. Well, two new bras. Same brand, same make and size and everything. They are full coverage and fit like a dream. One is black, classic. One is white with blue, green and coral polka dots. The pattern looks like a cute swimsuit top, so I keep flashing myself in the mirror to get a peek at the new bra. I'm very pleased. My boobs actually look a lot bigger. I guess the too small bras were just squishing them. They feel a lot firmer in the new bras, too. Woo.

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