Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TMI Tuesday #3

1. Are you pro-marriage? Why or why not? I agree with marriage and I think it's a wonderful thing. But I realize that people change and grow and they may grow apart. So, maybe it's not for everyone.

2. Have you ever invented or thought you invented a sexual position? Haha, no! I'm not so creative!

3. Do you like to be tied up? Always or sometimes? I have been before and it was very fun. I wouldn't like it every time though.

4. Do you consider online cybering adultery? If your partner doesn't want you doing it, then it's adultery. I'm going to use the same arguement I use for swinging. It's not cheating when everyone is consenting. If your partner thinks that cybersex is adultery, then yes, it is. If they don't, then go ahead!

5. Do you prefer masturbation over real sex? I once heard that the orgasm was the loneliest experience. If that is so, then masturbation is double lonely. However, I feel that the word lonely can be replaced with the word "selfish." And we're all a little selfish sometimes. So, sometimes I do, and sometimes I don't. But, I think that "real sex" is better than masturbation, all the time.

6. Do you want sex more times a day than your partner? That would be a "no." I definitely have a low sex drive.

7. Do you get offended when you partner openly flirts with others or are you okay with it? He's not really flirty. He's very shy. I'd actually be very surprised to see him flirting with someone else!

8. Do you think you're flirty by nature? Meet Mary Veronica, GTCHS Class of 2002 Class Flirt! That's right! Some people are "Most Likely to Succeed" or what not. My superlative was "Class Flirt". I'm just a wee bit flirty. I've toned it down since high school. My partner does not appreciate open flirtation with other people.

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Piano Man said...

I'm actually pretty good at flirting. I become shy when I think the other person seems seriously interested in spending more time together.