Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Psychological Androgyny

The term project for Developmental Psychology at Belmont Abbey College includes book reviews, an annotated bibliography, and website reviews. The first two are written, simply, in the traditional paper form. The website reviews are, aptly, done in website form. Developmental is always held in the spring, and the students enrolled this semester have all uploaded their websites today. None of the websites are terribly complicated. Like most people in the class, I created my website in Word. Some created theirs in Power Point (if they did, you may not be able to view it with Firefox).

The purpose of the website was to review 5 websites dealing with your topic; in my case, psychological androgyny. Other topics included Personality Disorders, Attachment, Decision Making, Self-Esteem, etc. It was also beneficial in learning how to do certain things with web pages. Likes how to make links and things like that. BTW, it's not done the same way you make links with HTML, as with blogger. (Um, but I think it is actually easier.)

All in all, I think it's an excellent project. It causes a lot of heartache** in students. I never understood that, because it's really fun.

My Website: Psychological Androgyny (I totally made an A)
Spring 2008 Websites (my class)
Spring 2009 Websites

**Part of the heartache comes from not understanding how the internet/computers work. AT ALL. For some people. It's not like it's a hard project.

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