Thursday, March 19, 2009

Princess Party!

During spring break, the cafeteria was closed. Boyfriend, Sir and I were still on campus, though. Various reasons; I had classes. I think Sir had RA work. Anyway, we were lucky to have friends who invited us into their home so we could have real food. There is only so much you can cook in a microwave. On Friday, March 13, we went over to Mason's fiancee's apartment and make some food. There was edamame, couscous, mashed potatoes, and brownies.

Mason, Fiancee, Roomie, Sir, Boyfriend

Then K-Swiss and I switched places, so I could be in the picture.

Boyfriend and I

Sir doing dishes after dinner

Boyfriend and Roomie lounging after dinner

It had just been Mason's Fiancee's birthday and she loves princesses. She wants to be a princess. :-) The decorations were still up and at dinner, we had a long, silly discussion over who would be which Princess. Boyfriend got to go first since it was his birthday (or it would be the next day). He immediately picked Belle. Because she is the best princess. Fiancee, Sir, and I were all disappointed. Sir picked Snow White, because he likes midgets. Roomie picked Cinderella because no one can fill his shoes. Then Fiancee let Mason pick, but he decided that he would choose by process of elimination. So, we picked Ariel for him, because he is a red head. Then we picked Aurora for Fiancee, and Jasmine for me, because she's the only ethnic princess. I wanted to be Mulan, but she wasn't one of the six.

Stargirl and Mason

Boyfriend and Mason's Fiancee

Roomie and Sir

Cinderella and Snow White

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Tiffany Anne said...

Belle is the best princess.