Wednesday, March 04, 2009

No spring break for moi

Ahh, well I should be doing school work. But I think I'll take a break. I've felt like blogging all day.

I have my last midterm/final tonight at 6 pm. I say "midterm/final" because I'm in some 15 week courses and some 7 week courses. For the four classes I am currently taking (2 full semester, 2 half semester) I only have one midterm, but two finals. I pick up two new half-semester classes on Tuesday of next week.

Let me break down my day for you:
9 -10 am: wake up, shower, check email etc
11-12 pm: Work Study, grade tests
12-1 pm: sometimes lunch, sometimes hanging out in the psych department
MW1-3 pm: Class! (History of Psychology and Data Utilization)
TH1-3 pm: more Work study!
3-5 pm: Studying somewhere on campus. Probably the science building
5-6 pm: I may continue studying or I may go to dinner
6-8 pm: Class! (Social Psychology or Research Methods)
8-10 pm: Hanging out with Boyfriend/Roomie/Sir/etc
10-1 am: Studying or more hanging out... it varies

On Friday, the schedule is the same as MW until 2pm: then I am off and it is all hanging out. No studying!

So, like my schedule says: it's Wednesday at 4, so I am studying. I've written an essay on whether aggression is a natural tendency or a learned behavior. Next I have to write an essay on whether we are architects or products of our social world. Then, I have to write an essay about what I got out of Social Psychology (this is optional, but I'm doing it anyway).



(after I take my test... that's what the essays are for)

No more class!!! Until Tuesday that is. Well, I have one class on Friday, but it's not much. But, it's okay. I'm more excited about the lack of tests than the lack of classes. I actually LIKE most my classes. But it will be nice to be able to relax.

Anyway, the school has decided to starve the people who have to stay over Spring Break. And, I don't have the choice of going home, since I have night classes during spring break. They've closed the cafeteria. So, everyone should give me money. So I can buy food!

Noms plz!

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