Sunday, March 22, 2009

Google Rocks!!

I don't know about you, but I love Google. I first starting using some of Google's applications when Blogger purchased by Google and I needed to have a gmail user name. Now, I use multiple Google Applications everyday. Below are my top three (excluding blogger, o/c).

GMail: I've begun using G-mail for my email. I have the e-mail from my college e-mail address forwarded to G-mail. I can also email FROM my college email address, so it appears that I sent the email from my college email. Sometimes it just looks more professional. Also, some of my professors require that. I label all my messages (Psycholgy, Work Study, Wachovia, Tiffany, Leo, Dadders, etc) and archive them. I delete very little. The amount you are able to store is awesome. I am not even at 3%.

Google Reader: All the blogs I read, all the youtubers I keep up with, all the webcomics I read, everything goes here. It's super convienient. Instead of checking 25, 50, 100 sites to find out if they've been updated, I check one. So it isn't impossible to keep up with 100 different sites.

Google Docs: This is a MUST HAVE. I have heard college student bemoaning a loss of a paper because they failed to save, saved over something, or any different reason. That will not happen with Google Docs! Docs is especially useful if you don't have MS Office. Docs includes a word processor, a spread sheet, and a presentation (eg Power Point) application. It automatically saves every minute or so. Vey handy.

The picture below is a little blurry, but click on it to expand (it won't be blurry when expanded). It shows all the different Google applications

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Le laquet said...

Google does indeed rock - best email account I ever had!

Happy mingling!