Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Yawning Gulf Between My Vision Tree and Reality Plant

I do not know what to do about this boy. I do not know what to do.

He had a 4 page paper for Great Books that was due on Tuesday, last week. He got an extension to Thursday. It is now Wednesday, over one week past the original due date. He hasn't done it yet. He said he couldn't work on it yesterday or today because he had a midterm today (Wednesday, the date doesn't change in my head until after I go to sleep) and he had and accounting assignment due at midnight tonight. So, the midterm test is over. Now, its 12:21am Wednesday night, I noticed he was playing computer games. I asked if he'd finished his homework. He had not. He hadn't done it at all. So, of course, I told him he needed to do his homework. And he fiddles with his computer games. And so I tell him that he needs to close the game, say good bye, do his homework. I consider unplugging his internet, but he needs to email the work to the professor.

He would get so much work done if someone would take away all his electronics. I just don't know what to do. If I gently encourage and remind, he doesn't do anything. Suggestions don't do anything. Getting angry only make it worse. I have tried talking with him about it, but it doesn't help. Because he knows he needs to do his homework and he knows that his procrastination is a problem.

I cannot sit in his room every time he has an assignment due and make sure that he does it instead of playing games. But I have done it twice this semester already.

I can't just ignore this problem, because it can't get worse. I mean, it can get worse, it is possible. But he is on probation already. This is what I mean by it can't get worse. I wish I could ground him from computer/video games.

He routinely skips class and sometimes ends up dropping classes to avoid the "F." Not because he was unable to succeed in the class (like me and my several attempts at chemistry) but because he does not go to class. He skipped his two math classes today (I think this is his third time this semester). I asked him why he skipped and he told me that he honestly did not have a good reason. Well, at least he was honest. He has at times ignored my phone calls because he knew that I was going to ask if he went to class.

What would you do to prevent failing? I am frustrated. I feel that there is nothing I can do to help him, though he clearly needs it.

Okay. Now, I am going to yell. Please skip the italicized text that is interspersed with CAPSLOCK text if you don't want to read the yelling. There is cursing. Tiffany, you may want to cover your eyes.
IT IS NOT THAT HARD. You have said yourself that you are in an easy major. DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK. It's FOUR FUCKING PAGES! FOUR! I know you don't write as swift as some do, but IT'S FOUR FUCKING PAGES. Get off that goddamn computer and do some fucking homework. I don't want to have to babysit your ass every fucking time you have an assignment due!!! Oh my god, that accounting assignment took MAYBE 45 minutes. Maybe. I'm being generous. And because of a FORTY-FIVE MINUTE ASSIGNMENT you couldn't work on your paper? What, do you have a quota of studying you're allowed everyday? Is that it? You can't study for more than an hour?

Yes, I'm concerned. Yes, I'm making a huge deal out of this. Guess what, I don't want my boyfriend to flunk out of school. Because that would suck. And guess what else? I'm off my medicine, so I may be just a wee bit prone to getting angry. But, seeing as he's on probation, this is so clearly not a one time thing.

Okay. I'm done.

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