Monday, February 09, 2009

Why I Love Second-Hand Smoke

Tonight was both good and bad. The badness: Ray got escorted off campus. The goodness: we got to have coffee and waffles with Dr. Tiwari.

Ray's been having some trouble with drinking. And by that I mean I had to go with him to the hospital (via ambulance) one night after he got alcohol poisoning. All in all, scary and worrisome. I've been just a little stressed. But things are looking up. We've gotten him to move up here to Belmont where he won't be so isolated. So there are people who will take care of him. Who will make sure what happened that night doesn't happen again. And who encourage him to go to AA.

Apparently after that incident with the massive quantities of bourbon, he was put on the Banned from Campus list. So nice of them to let us know. Because he was escorted off campus during dinner tonight. I was visibly upset. Where would he sleep? He was homeless. He had gotten rid of his apartment in Alabama and was crashing on campus until he got an apartment, which should be soon. He has the money.

Luckily a friend who has an apartment off campus came through for us: Dr. Tiwari. So, Ray will be crashing on his couch tonight. Ray met up with Dr. Tiwari and talked for a while about the situation. Afterward, several of us (Sir Tim,  K-Swiss, myself, etc) met up with them for coffee and waffles.

It's one of my favorite times, when we go to Waffle House with Dr. Tiwari.

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