Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #2

1.) You're on a trip taking a tour through the jungle. You have a backpack with some food, some first aid supplies, a pocket knife, a flashlight and a couple bottles of water. Some how, you get separated from your group. By night fall you haven't found your group and haven't heard them looking for you. How long do you think you would be able to survive on your own?
Fuck. I don't like this. Grr. I will probably survive for a while. As long as the water lasts me. Hey, I watch Survivor Man and Man vs Wild with the ever adorable Bear Grylls!

2.) Do you think it's okay to lie to spare someone's feelings? Why?
Yes! Unless it's a terrible lie. It's only okay if it's a white lie. A lie that won't have terrible consequences. It's not okay in a situation like say the one that Sven got himself into. Because he's a slut. (P.S. that last link is NSFW. Pixelly goodness!)

3.) If a talking Mary doll were made, what are THREE phrases it would say?
  • "Pay attention to me!!!" (or "Hey! Hey! Listen!" which is what Tim would say about me)
  • "I'm hungry! Bring me sushi!"
  • "Let's read a book!" or "Let's study" or something equally nerdy (I think a Stargirl Doll would have a few more naughty choices for her three phrases)

4.) If the super power to be
able to read minds at your own will were possible, do you think it would be... cool and helpful, intrusive and wrong, manipulative or maddening? Explain why you would or wouldn't want to be able to read anyone's mind at your own will.
I would freaking love it at first because I am so nosy. But then I would probably get hurt when people thing mean-y things about me. Hopefully that won't happen. Hopefully they'll just thing things like "she's awesome" and "she's hott!" lol. I would want this power, but I would be miserable with it until I could control myself and only use it in certain situations. Like, not reading a meany's mind. Besides, Barry Allen can tell us all about how depressing having a super power really is (see video below)

5.) Drunk confessions, are they the things people can't bring themselves to say sober or just crazy ramblings of an influenced and intoxicated mind? Both, definitely. The latter is for sure true when they've got something that they want to get off their chest or if they are someone who is economical with what they normally verbally expose. Sometimes, however, the person is just being drunk and silly. If you are a good friend, you will often know the difference. I had a friend who got into a bad situation and was saying some things that were depressing. Very bad things, they were. The next day I was discussing this with another of our close friends. The second friend said "I think it's hard to take what someone says in that state as meaning more then drunken rambling." But, anyway, Friend 2 wasn't there when Friend 1 was saying sad things. Anyway, I could go on and on about this, but... onto next question!

6.) What brings out the worst in you?
When I am off my medication and things make me overly frustraed. Things like not getting pancakes or being interupted. Also there are some certain people who know exactly how to push the wrong buttons and piss me the fuck off. The sad part is who the people are. Anyway, you should never antagonize a person like that just because.

7.) Do you think long distance relationships work? Have you ever been in one before?
Erm, I have and it was never good. They just don't work for me. Because if I am going to be in a relationship, I need the actual, physical companionship. Better for me to not be in a relationship at all.

Come play with us:
Oh Barry Allen! You are so sad. So sad...

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Amorous Rocker said...

Oooh you totally won me over with the Sven/QC stuff. I'm addicted to that webcomic and have been for so long, lol. That's awesome.

Great answers too! =)