Tuesday, February 17, 2009

TMI Tuesday #1

FINALLY! A Daily Meme naughty enough for Mary:

1) I'm not really sure I have a favorite charity. I feel like people might think I'm a bad person for this. Ummm. Oh. Oh well.

2) I sleep in a dorm room, but I've piled approx 489217 blankets on my bed, so it's really comfy. It's pushed into the corner. That's how prefer my beds. I like to sleep against the wall.

3) I think it's rather important. I suppose if you love someone enough you won't care. Or maybe you'll find that when they lick your gums, you actually like it. Really, I don't understand people who won't kiss before they're married. The argument is that you're staying away from temptation. It reminds me of a fellow I know who joined the seminary to avoid temptation from girls (he's out now. has a girlfriend. lol.). Really? You don't have enough self-control to make out without jumping each other? Hmmm. lolrant. Next question***

4) I routinely jump drunk sorority girls. Just kidding. Errrm, I don't think this has ever really been a problem for me. I think when I fuck up when I drunk, it's my own damn fault.

5) That sounds like a terrible idea. Sand in my hooha. Yuck.

***P.S. Tiffany, that isn't directed towards you. In general.


Tiffany Anne said...

i know. i wouldn't do it if i didn't already know we had chemistry

Stargirl said...

This pleases me