Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TMI Tuesday #2

TMI Tuesday! Want to play:

1. What do find is the most exciting part of a new sexual encounter?
I've always one to enjoy to climb to the top, I mean working your way to the actual deed. And I don't mean just typical foreplay. I mean the flirting and the kissing. I suppose this would be my foreplay though.

2. Do you have "a most exciting part of a sexual encounter" with a usual partner?
Erm, not sure. All of it? Can I say that?

3. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you just met?
How many drinks are in me? No, I can be very open about somethings and very guarded about others. This depends. The situation I'm imagining is when I used to go out and I would meet someone at the coffee shop or at a bar. Sexually, I'm terribly curious, so I'll probably wax poetic if it's someone who's interested in simply talking about sex. I imagine that until I know them better (or I'm a bit tipsy) it'll tend to be a bit superficial.

4. How open and honest are you about your life with someone you work with?
I'm still a student so I'm going to answer this as someone I go to school with. And the answer is very open to people I really feel I can talk to. Especially if it's a more intimate conversation.

5. How open and honest are you about your life with a casual acquaintance who lives in your neighborhood (or the parent a your child's friend or...)?
Again, I tend to be rather open. But it depends. I can also sometimes be judgmental of others, so if its someone I've known for a while but I've already labeled them (sorry. It's a bad habit, but I'm in college and there are just some people here that I do NOT want to talk to.) I probably won't talk much to them

Bonus (as in optional): Define a "normal" as in "normal relationship" or "normal sex life". No such thing! No such thing as "normal." Normal is whatever is the norm for you. If there is no norm for you then you are probably "normal." Hehe.

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Queenie said...

I completely agree with your answer about normal.
Happy TMI.