Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There's a Cello In Your House

We just got back from spending about 3 hours at the Waffle House. Oh yes, it is our preferred hang out spot. Tim brought Trival Pursuit Genus edition, the freaking hard one from the 1980s. Actually, Tim and I tied. I was pleased.

"Now I'm just as much a smart ass as you, Tim."
-- Mary

This is becoming quite the habit and the WH waitresses are recognizing us. Ray isn't allowed on campus after 10pm on the weekdays and we usually are just not done hanging out by that point.

Today at about 8pm we watched the movie "Rocket Science." It's about a boy with an unpredictable stutter who gets recruited for the debate team by a girl. Does this go well? What do you think? It's not a fucking Disney movie. I'd personally be pissed if it all turned out roses, because if I wanted that, I'd watch a Disney movie. I'm not saying it's not a good movie. It's alright. I'm just glad it's not a Disney movie.

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