Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Making the Grade

Today, I was talking with Dr. Tiwari about physics. The class, not the subject. Tim took physics last semester; we have to have one physical science. Most non-biology/math majors take physical world, but Chris told Tim that he'd be bored in Phys. World. And it's a ridiculously easy class. So Tim took physics. The problem is that he's lazy. And he didn't turn in a lot of his labs. And stuff like that. He made either a C or a D. Doesn't really matter, because he only needs a D. Dr Tiwari and I were discussing this and I said something along the lines of -wouldn't phys world have been better for Tim because it's easier and he'd make a better grade.

I was thinking about that just now. I wonder if I put too much emphasis on grades rather than learning. I feel like Tim enjoyed physics class much more than he would have enjoyed physical world. I find myself disagreeing with what I said earlier. Anyway, Tim's not going to grad school, so he doesn't need to make A's. I mean, I make A's and B's. If I made a C, I'd probably get really upset. I don't like doing poorly in classes. But we're not all the same.

Anyway, it takes all types, doesn't it?

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