Friday, February 20, 2009

Free For All Friday!!!!

I almost forgot! It's Free-For-All Friday! If you want to participate, you must email me at

I will give you the guest login and password and you can post to Mary Commentary if you wish. Remember, ultimately, I will have control over what you post. I can delete all of the guest posts. Please be considerate of other people and don't take advantage. You can post whatever you like, but don't mess with other guest posts. Also, in your post, leave a link to your own blog/website. If you don't have one, leave your name.

The password changes at midnight.

Now, this used to be a meme, but it isn't really going on anymore. If anyone wants to start it back up, I would be willing to host it. By that I mean I will have a Mr Linky's magical widget thingy so we can let everyone know who is participating (participating here means opening up your blog). I will have instructions on how to make a gues account. If you want to participate in Free For All Friday, just let me know in the comment box and I will be in touch. The previous FFAF was only the last Friday of the month, but we can discuss it and see how often we would like to do it.

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