Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Curfews SUCK

So, after the Bourbon Incident, after a meeting with the Abbot and the College President, Ray is allowed on campus again! w00t, but he has a curfew: he must be off campus by 10:00 pm Sun-Thurs and 7:30pm Fri and Sat.

I loose track of time and before I know it, Ray is getting up and I think he's going to go outside for a smoke. But he says he's got to go. I look at the clock and it's almost 10pm. I get sad when he has to leave. He just moved into his new apartment and the power hasn't been turned on yet. It's absolutely freezing. He's got water, but since there isn't any power yet, his showers are also freezing.

"Have you ever gotten a brain freeze while showering? Not fun."
-- Ray

It's a bit lonely. He has to leave here at 10:00 pm and can't use the internet or his X Box or anything. When he does get power, I hope that we'll hang out in Ray's apartment more often. In late April/early May, he'll be getting a couple of roommates. It's gonna be an awesome summer.

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