Friday, February 20, 2009

Bands you've probably never heard of

I used to be an indie rock kid. Somehow, I found myself in a friday-night-dive-bar-dance-party scene. I made lasting friends and I learned what the "indie" of "indie rock" meant. I made friends with the people who put on a bi-weekly dance party and got to hang out with some of the bands. I even wrote for an indie rock website for a while ( but the venture didn't go as any of us had hoped.

While my stint as an indie kid was short, I learned to love indie rock music. The CDs I purchaced at these concerts are still in regular rotation and they are so good that I need to share them with you. Check out their myspace pages to listen to their songs!

The Winter Sounds - I first heard these guys in July of 2007 at one of my bigger indie rock concerts. By that I mean it wasn't in a dive bar, it was in an actual venue. My favorite TWS song: Windy City Nights or wait...maybe it's Poor Sailors...or A Call to Arms. Heck--I really like this band. Of all the bands here, TWS is my favorite.
How they define themselves on myspace: indie/rock,

Slow Runner - Oh, how much fun is Slow Runner! Their album Shiv! is so great. I highly reccomend it. Their music is fun and danceable and, I think, my second favorite. Some of the songs sound retro in a way I can't quite define.,

Tora, Tora, Tora - TTT were at my very first Modern dance party. I ended up feeling sick and going home, but a friend bought me the CD. I fell in love with the music. TTT is currently in my car CD player. It's a little more rockin than most of the bands on the list, but with that definite "indie" sound.
How they define themselves on myspace: rock/indie

Boulevard - In my un-educated indie-rock mind, Boulevard will always be quintessential. Dance music, definitely. Also, very addictive
How they define themselves on myspace: rock/alternative/pop,

A few more you should check out:
Bang! Bang!
new wave/punk/indie

The Slack Republic

These small bands are more copious then you would think. Do a little research for your city or surrounding areas on MySpace and you'd be surprised what you would find. Bands usually have a list of concert dates and have songs you can listen to. One of the best concerts I ever went to was in someone's living room.

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