Friday, February 27, 2009

10 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

So it's Free For All Friday, and I am Steven a.k.a. Livewire. Today I will be writing about one of the greatest things in the world: beer.

I have discovered over the past few years that apparently I have a taste for a more sophisticated type of beer. While most college students stick with their Buds, Millers, Nattys, and Keystones, I need something I can enjoy. I feel I approach drinking more like an art, not just drinking for the sake of getting drunk. So with that said I present my top ten favorite beers/breweries.

10. Pabst Blue Ribbon (Woodridge, Illinois) - This is the only true contradiction to the statement above. PBR is on this list simply because it is my favorite beer for drinking games. I think everybody needs a cheap beer they can enjoy if they’re going to play games, because let’s face it, no one wants to throw a ping pong ball or quarter into a well-crafted beer.
9. Thomas Creek (Greenville, SC) - Surprisingly, I have not had this beer very often and have only gotten into it recently. I say surprisingly because it is a fairly well known local brewery from my hometown, Greenville, SC.
8. Blue Moon (Denver, Colorado) - This was the first beer I drank on a regular basis, simply because it was the one my parents’ kept around the house most often. Don’t forget the orange slice.
7. Magic Hat (South Burlington, Vermont) - Very recently (a week ago) I tried Magic Hat #9 because it was on special at the bar. I figured it would be good, was right, and stuck with it for the rest of the night.
6. Newcastle (Newcastle, England) - I don’t drink Newcastle as often as I used to but it’s on the list because I can still enjoy it everytime.
5. Leinenkugel (Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin) - I was introduced to Leinenkugel this past Christmas by my sister, who was first introduced to it by her boyfriend, originally from Wisconsin. Two of their more exceptional brews are Fireside Nut Brown (darn you winter seasonal) and Sunset Wheat.
4. Atlanta Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia) - Of course I have to represent the city where I’m currently living. They only have six varieties, though (two of which are seasonals), but the good thing is they’re all great.
3. Sweetwater (Atlanta, Georgia) - This is another one of the local breweries in Atlanta. I was told about Sweetwater by one of my cousins who used to live in Atlanta. I recently re-discovered it when a good friend of mine came to visit so he could pick up the Sweetwater brews that aren’t sold in South Carolina.
2. Sam Adams (Boston, Massachusetts) - Though Sam Adams is very well known, don’t be fooled. All of their beers are full flavored, and I have only found one that I don’t particularly enjoy, their Irish Red. If I were to recommend a specific brew of there’s, I would have to go with the Cherry Wheat.
1. Rogue (Newport, Oregon) - I can’t do justice to Rogue Ales. You’ll just have to try it for yourself.


Free Acai Berry said...

Switch to the cheap beers around 12 am for sure. I like Sam Adams myself.

Morbi said...

I too like Sam Adams. Cheers!

- Morbi