Sunday, October 05, 2008

Featured Poetry

Sky Flier

We make out in the flowers
We make love in the trees
Lying together for hours
Your soul exotic in the breeze

Now mingling with the night air
Is your intoxicating scent
More drunk on you that I can bear
Loving 'til I'm pierced and rent

I'm bringing you higher as you're bringing me down
I watch the Sky Flier from this patch on the ground

I'm not nearly strong enough
To endure your toxic kiss
It's not nearly long enough
Before I'm scarred from such bliss

In your arms and in your eyes
I'm true, I'm real, and complete
Away from you and your gauzy sighs
No substance can compete

Sky Flier, bringing me to the ground
So much higher, making impossible sounds

Sky Flier, lost in the clouds
I need you now, could you come back down?
One lover, deep in the ground
Sky Flier, fly to your lover now

1 comment:

Piano Man said...

Well done! Too bad we could never put something so intimate in the Agora.