Friday, August 01, 2008

There's a new stylist in town

Yesterday was change your hair day apparently, since both Sir Tim and K-Swiss decided to make radical changes to their hair. So did I, but that was at like 1 am. I gave myself a haircut, then K-Swiss dyed his hair green, and then Tim cut off his dreads! Oh no he didn't! Yup. The wax was irritating his scalp and it was turning into a serious rats nest. And, I had a hand in all of it. I did my hair cut all on my own, naturally. I did K-Swiss's hair. And then I helped with Tim's hair. First, he asked me if I would cut his hair for him, but then he decided to just buzz it. While I was doing K-Swiss's hair, Sir Tim asks to borrow my scissors and then he comes back dread-less. So, then we go to Wal-Mart. K-Swiss buys some color-safe shampoo and conditioner and Sir Tim buys some clippers.

I had SOOOO much fun clipping Sir Tim's hair. Seriously. I'd never buzzed anyone's hair before. Besides being messy and getting hair everywhere. It was a lot of fun. Lol. I'm silly, I know. It was super easy.

Turns out I'm the hairstylist for my boys. This is good. Maybe I can get them to pay me. K-Swiss's going to pay me back in sushi. Yay!

I can't wait to hear how K-Swiss's mom reacts to his hair. She's going to freak. Not get mad, but, well, GREEN. It's kinda shocking.

Sir Tim's been thinking about getting a tattoo or piercing. Sir Tim pointed out the other day that, at our neo-conservative school, we are the "edgy crowd." Of course, this is slightly hilarious. But, since Sir Tim's hair is normal, he's no longer "edgy."

"At this school, my earring puts me at the edge of edgy, but it's not quite enough," says Sir Tim. I told him if he got another piercing, I would join him. I'd like to get more holes in my ears. That's tame enough, but still pretty darn awesome. If he gets a tattoo, I think I'll pass. But I have decided, if I ever get a tattoo, what it would be. That's a secret. (Lucy The Slut on my butt.... j/k!)

So, are you in the Gaston/Mecklenburg area? Is your hair not "edgy" enough? Looking for that new "punky" 'do? Well, just gimme a call and we'll set you up with any number of Special Effects awesome hair colors, including

Bright As F@#! Yellow
Hi-Octane Orange
Cherry Bomb
Blue Haired Freak
Pimpin' Purple
And many, many more!!!!

But, it'll cost ya. Sushi. Or maybe lasagna.

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