Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stuff and stuff....

Okay, I know I haven't been posting much. Because I totally suck. Anyway, today I discovered a new liquor. It's called UV. It's a flavored vodka. I got UV Blue, which is "raspberry flavored." WTF? Whatever. It tastes like blue. You know what I mean. Some things just taste blue. It says on the back 1 part UV Blue, 3 parts lemonade = Blue Bombsicle. So, I'm drinking some of these. They taste like... like icees. They're soo good.

Anyway, Ray's come for a visit which rox totally rox. We started out the day, we went to lunch first and then came back, went shopping (liquor store and walmart for supplements) and came back and played Soul Caliber 4 and drank. Awesome. I love Soul Caliber 4. I'm going to buy DOA 4 next time we go to Gastonia b/c I've got a Game Stop gift card for $20. Then K-Swiss's going to get me Soul Caliber for Xmas. I'll get him... whatever is out then. I was gonna get him Res. Evil 5, but I dunno if it will be out by then. He's getting me this awesome makeup mirror for Xmas.

Anyway, it's been a good day. K-Swiss was kinda sick, but I gave him some of my Pepto Bismol chewable tablets. They are my miracle worker. They solve everything. I love 'em.

Anyway. What else... hmmmm

Classes start on the 26th.... I'm stoked. I'm a nerd. I can't wait to start classes!!!! I'm working for the psych dept. I'm also going to apply for an RA position. Yah. I know. Can you imagine? Me, an RA? But, it's alright. My RA is cool.

Anyway, I was pretty good at Soul Caliber. I was playing Kalik. He's an awesome character. One of the things I like about SC4 is that you can customize characters. Build your own character and give them anyone's fighting style. So I can build babes who fight like Kalik. :-D

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It's all about yoda.