Friday, August 01, 2008

K-Swiss Goes Green!

K-Swiss has wisely decided to dye his hair Sonic Green! I am such a bad influence (lol). And, yay!, he let me do it for him. Tons easier, really, than doing it yourself.

About to start. K-Swiss wearing the cape I got with my highlighting tools kit.

Dyeing  K-Swiss's hair!!! No turning back now!

All colored, now we wait.

If I look shiney in this pic, it's because there's no AC in the bathroom.

The color all rinsed out. For some reason, the roots didn't take kindly to the color, even though you can see above that they are saturated.

From the back, a lovely teal-green color!

His hair is mostly dry now. Wow, we are colorful kids! (Ignore my bangs, they are doing crazy things. I kept playing with them)

So, we're using the rest of the color to redo K-Swiss's roots. After I did all the roots, I combed everything back and just saturated the front. We felt that was the most important part to be colored.

All dyed up.

As you can see, the roots are greener, but still lighter than the rest of the hair. Oh well.

The side burns, after seriously COATING with color (see above photos), didn't take ANY color.

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